GAMES to make better professionals & more active users

Maybe you are a gamer, maybe you are not, what matters is that games work in ways you are most likely not aware of. Especially when you go into Multiplayer Online Games, or even Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO), the… Continue Reading

MUSIC AS A CATALYST FOR WORK: A collection to roll in the background

To FLOW, we can use the help of music. (if you haven’t heard of FLOW, CLICK HERE) This week The Life Digital brings a collection music only to add into your musical catalyst material. We go from AMBIENT to ROCK &… Continue Reading

DRONE: 1001 applications of these flying machines

This is a video list. A compilation of many things DRONE. On the list: DRONE RACING: a global league? SURVEILLANCE: eyes everywhere. DELIVERY: the flying package. HUMAN TRANSPORT: delivering humans. ENTERTAINMENT: robotic flying stars. FOOTAGE: stunning images. INSERT YOUR DRONE APPLICATION… Continue Reading


Pinterest is the longevity network – learn from it

Kung Fu

Pinterest is the longevity network. Yes it is. Pins and Boards flow and never die. You will find things Pinned long before you found them that are still relevant to you. And relevance is the key to longevity in this… Continue Reading


FLOW – a productivity hack for life


Flow. The true state of productivity. When all that you do has one purpose. One focus. The goal is to GET STUFF DONE. And with Flow you can do it better. Call it a ‘hack’. A ‘bio-hack’. A ‘life-hack’. But… Continue Reading

Social Media Madness: a research into expectations of brands and people.

Social Media delivers false expectations, right? Most people would agree on this. The promise of a truly connected multi-way-channel fell short. But what did people expect? What do they expect now? what is the good, the bad, and the terrible of… Continue Reading