2016 Digital trends & death of the ‘unicornism’.


2016 is here, as digital as ever. Because that is what happens in digital, we are never where we were before. But what about the ‘real’ world? how is that side of the ‘deal’ being affected or not by the… Continue Reading

B2B TECHNOLOGY ADOPTION: who really cares about the budget?

Business technology (or B2B technology) is one of those ‘dangerous’ blends where one subjective ‘universe’ meets another (Business + Technology). Things can easily get complicated in such cases when attempting to define the value of each other in the relationship. Some will say… Continue Reading

Business intelligence, a tale: MEASURE EVERYTHING + BECAUSE YOU DO IT ANYWAY?

Built upon measurement is our world. But denial of numbers is the norm when it is time to ‘be ourselves’ again. Things added and multiplied and subtracted are not as pleasant as just things, without the meta-information. It is the human… Continue Reading


The very first post is always that. It is about ‘nothing’, some will say, and ‘everything’, naturally. To present thoughts, style, concepts, cravings and the underlying meaning of existence for such a thing. A blog. Q&A No. 1: a) Why… Continue Reading