Why “winner tells story” may not be good in the Internet


In the history of our world the winner tells the story. Civilisations were lost and became ‘mysterious’ because of this effect. The ‘memory’ we have of history is distorted by the influence of such ‘winners’. We may be in the… Continue Reading


UTOPIA? Is the future of money and jobs to do what you want and always have enough?


What will happen when technology substitutes humans in MOST productive fields? Will humans starve and be crushed by companies owning these machines? Or will the rich and lean structured governments give back to the people and let them choose whatever… Continue Reading

DRONE: 1001 applications of these flying machines

This is a video list. A compilation of many things DRONE. On the list: DRONE RACING: a global league? SURVEILLANCE: eyes everywhere. DELIVERY: the flying package. HUMAN TRANSPORT: delivering humans. ENTERTAINMENT: robotic flying stars. FOOTAGE: stunning images. INSERT YOUR DRONE APPLICATION… Continue Reading