Innovating when change is not wanted – The challenge of blending habits old and new

More than often we see a clash between the old and the new. It happens in every sphere: personal, professional and social/collective. Most of the times the new comes with a clear improvement offer and it is just a matter… Continue Reading

GAMES to make better professionals & more active users

Maybe you are a gamer, maybe you are not, what matters is that games work in ways you are most likely not aware of. Especially when you go into Multiplayer Online Games, or even Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO), the… Continue Reading



Marketing automation is taken as a standard ‘must-do’ these days. While it can bring good results, does everyone know what they are doing when it comes to automating their marketing? Is there one formula that serves any and all cases?… Continue Reading

B2B TECHNOLOGY ADOPTION: who really cares about the budget?

Business technology (or B2B technology) is one of those ‘dangerous’ blends where one subjective ‘universe’ meets another (Business + Technology). Things can easily get complicated in such cases when attempting to define the value of each other in the relationship. Some will say… Continue Reading