GAMES to make better professionals & more active users

Employee-Engagement-Through-GamificationMaybe you are a gamer, maybe you are not, what matters is that games work in ways you are most likely not aware of.

Especially when you go into Multiplayer Online Games, or even Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO), the experience will not only bring traditional gaming problems to be resolved, but unexpected “social” situations and even true relationships.

Watch This:

Now if the WOW video sparked your interest, and you would like to understand more of this, all the way into the gamification level of things, I recommend this video “oldie but goldie” –

So if you’re not yet sold on the power of games, pay attention, you may be playing many more games than you think you are.

Alex Gonçalves

Born some time ago, close to the sea and a huge statue of Christ upon a mountain, in explainable ways yours truly has built a love for the understanding of the world around us. This constant 'groove' of curiosity has branched in a love for all things business and marketing related, touching into the arts and a lot of what happens in between.