MUSIC AS A CATALYST FOR WORK: A collection to roll in the background

Music_FocusTo FLOW, we can use the help of music. (if you haven’t heard of FLOW, CLICK HERE)

This week The Life Digital brings a collection music only to add into your musical catalyst material.

We go from AMBIENT to ROCK & JAZZ, so have your pick, and get in the mood for FLOW.

Feel free to post the ones you enjoy into the comments below.

And remember: If we all Flow, we all Flow better.


1- Cosmic, into the void, odd, trippy, organic:

2- Peaceful Fantasy Music:

3- Medieval Instruments:

4- Vikings! and GoT:

5- BLUES & ROCK (just to break the trend here):




Alex Gonçalves

Born some time ago, close to the sea and a huge statue of Christ upon a mountain, in explainable ways yours truly has built a love for the understanding of the world around us. This constant 'groove' of curiosity has branched in a love for all things business and marketing related, touching into the arts and a lot of what happens in between.