04 FINGER-150pppThe very first post is always that. It is about ‘nothing’, some will say, and ‘everything’, naturally. To present thoughts, style, concepts, cravings and the underlying meaning of existence for such a thing. A blog.

Q&A No. 1:

a) Why ‘The Life Digital’ and what is this about?

To be part of the answer. That is what this is about. The Life Digital came to be only because there is no life without digital, not for 3.3 billion people. On the other hand, there is digital without life, and yes, we will get into that around here.

b) What will you get into here?

The Internet. What it really is. How it relates to us. How we relate to it. And almost everything in between. The idea is to explore together, me and you, what we learn as we grow into making a better use of digital. How we transform the world for the better. Because that is the point.

c) What is the point?

That digital will make the world better. It is bound to do that. It is too late now. There is no turning back. The challenge lies not on the ‘why?’ but on the ‘how?’ and that will be our main focus during many conversations to come.

d) How will you explore this ‘how?’ ?

Data. Lots of it. And ways of getting access to more of it. Important data must be shared, or sold. Once we have it, though, we must know what to do with it, and that is the key.

e) Got it, I think, so the key is…

The key is alignment. That we can be in synchrony and working towards common goals. All of us. Much like the musical principles of harmony and rhythm, in the end it must come back to “1”. Even if it is not the same. It shouldn’t be.

f) So in practical terms, if I didn’t understand a thing you said before, you will…

Explore the digital universe and practical uses of data for business, for life, for global geo-political conflicts (possibly) – but definitely for business, and marketing, because to me marketing is business and vice-versa.

g) Now I got it, it is a practical conversation, right?

Yes. Actionable. All things digital have to be.

h) Because?

One step ahead and you are no longer in the same spot.


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Alex Gonçalves

Born some time ago, close to the sea and a huge statue of Christ upon a mountain, in explainable ways yours truly has built a love for the understanding of the world around us. This constant 'groove' of curiosity has branched in a love for all things business and marketing related, touching into the arts and a lot of what happens in between.